Monday, January 16, 2006

The Web of Hate #1 and Treason Snippets #1

Presenting: The Web of Hate #1

This is a little process I go through to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of backstabbing and sabotage in my games. In case you can't read the center bubble, it says "mission". The little pink arrows mean that player should be actively trying to screw with the pointee. Certain players don't need any more arrows pointing at them, because everyone always screws with them anyway. Good times.
Sorry about the blurryness.

Treason Snippets #1
And for your viewing pleasure- some amusing notes I have received in-game (maybe I'll scan some later). I left in the spelling errors, for comedic effect.

  • Use nerowhip to deflect lasers.
  • Walk over to scrubot and plant gernade on it.
  • Rig the scrubot secretly to clean the robot overly roughly.
  • How close is everone else?
  • Do the lights go out yet?
  • While people sleep, I rip the robot up.
  • Toys-R-USS for faulty leadership, and possible mutant powers w/ the bleeding eye thing.
  • Stick a garande in "hole" and walk away unnoticed.
  • Is there any gore left?
  • Examines robot "stink-hole"
  • Grab grenade and pull the pin.
  • Hit the floor!!!
  • Throw gernade @ robot.
  • I put the grenade in ben's pocket with telekn but he doesn't notice. (oh really)
  • After pulling pin, roll away and raise blast shield.
  • I spray them with spacteling.
  • Set the girl on fire.
  • Call for docbots.
  • Docbots?
  • Instant Messages Secret Society: "I appear to have found no door to the Outside. I believe there is none, sadness." -Roses
  • Kill the poor unconscious man....Fire.
  • Set her on fire. And the electro-man.
  • Use my Mutant Power on Ben (light his feet on fire)
  • Can I levitate underwater?
  • I drop a smoke grenade and turn into a bag.
  • I want to buy a Yoda-Hover-Pad
  • Drop Grenade in briefcase and slide it towards the desk (and the briefing officer)
  • I mind blast the short, black man--"Pete"\
  • I call scrubots on my way back.
  • And docbots.
  • Ben
  • #2 Drop the Last 5 grenades that I have... #1 sleight of hand out of handcuff and do number 2. (This one confused me).
  • Mind blast Santa.
  • Yeah I want to grenade Ben now.
  • I roll back and see who lives.
  • Activate remote, leap for safety.
  • Pete, I'm here to protect you. I have another helping me protect you.
  • Make Derek dive on Santa to protect him.
  • I jump and protect Pete.
  • I jump in Front of Santa and extend my shield around him.
  • Rolls grenade towards ben...
  • Use puppeteer to have Wood run and hug bot.
  • Use foot bomb on Dan.
  • I move.
  • Brainscrub Josiah as he talks.
  • Used Sec.Syst.IS to find another way to get to the stash.
  • So, apparently my testing equip. sucks?
  • Grab remote, jump at Team Leader, explode mine.
  • Accident, of course.
  • I "aim" at Josiah and try to hit Derek.
  • Who is still dirty?
  • Blast Team Leader when no one's looking.
  • Slide remote mine under group, leave room. Activate.
  • Goes and hides in present.
  • I run.
Whew! That's all for now.

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Blogger OD said...

I saw a few of mine in there.

I was especially proud of the whole "levitate underwater" thing. Saved me from the inevitable death.

4:31 PM  
Blogger Geekus Elusivus said...

Well, at least delayed one inevitable death for another :)

6:04 PM  

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